What is a Twin Flame

So what is a Twin Flame?

Here I will share with you what the term Twin Flame means to me from what I have been told and shown by Spirit and from my own personal experiences.

I believe each Soul is part of a larger group of Souls called a ‘Soul Group’. Each Soul Group is overseen by an ‘Oversoul’. For me, ‘Twin Flame’ or ‘Twin Soul’ refers to when an individual Soul within the Soul Group is divided into two halves. Each half embodies both masculine and feminine energies. One half retains more masculine and the other more feminine energies. Each half of the one original Soul is a Twin Flame or Twin Soul to the other.

I believe this was created this way so that the Light… Source… the Oneness… could undergo the experience of separation and return to Oneness… with all of the possibilities and expressions of Self that such an experience could offer in order to learn, grow, expand and purely… experience.

Through this act of separation of the Soul and consequent forming of two individual Souls that carry within them the same ‘Flame’ vibration, an inherent attraction and pull towards reunion of these two halves was born. The act of returning to Self and returning to Source.

The two Twin Souls… Twin Flames… they mirror for each other all that they carry within them. They act like a reflection of the pure Light shining back at them. Such a thing is one of incredible beauty and awe, yet if there are any negative energies or fears within them, then this reflecting of the Light shines brightly on any of these hidden or not so hidden facets of the person and Being and therefore the meeting of one’s Twin Flame face to face can be both sublime and terrifying.

Imagine coming face to face with what feels like the closest thing your mind can compare to coming face to face with the vibration of The Oneness… God… Source… imagine how powerful that might be… might feel… how sublime but also potentially terrifying. Thewhat is a twin flame couplelight feeling of immense power emanating from that… it is hard to put into words.

Paradoxically, the clearer one’s vibration and Being and mind is of negativity, the more the power and awe of the Twin Flame’s presence can be experienced as this ‘God-like’ energy which might bring up deep seated fears of unworthiness or anything else that needs to surface for healing.

When still dealing everyday with ego issues and less conscious awareness of sensitivity to energies etc, the fear or resistance will be there but felt differently. For me anyway, it was like that. At that stage it was more of an obvious intensity and undefined feeling of ‘being stressed’ and ‘on high alert and input overload’ in their presence.

I believe that whilst incarnating in a physical vessel, usually one of the Twin Flames remains in Spirit and assists their incarnated Twin with their support and guidance. Most significant Soul experiences and growth and specific contracts made by Souls to meet up during physical incarnations are actually with other members of their own Soul Group, to assist one another. Over the incarnations any negativity that has been accrued needs to be healed and be brought back into balance. It is in the best interests of the entire Soul Group to assist one another in healing and assisting in the preparation for ascension.

For me in this incarnation, apart from some minor influences, the majority of all old energies I needed to heal were all from four past lives I had in some way experienced with my Twin Flame. I believe these are the only four we have met up in or shared in some way together. I was also shown and relived not only the effects on me but the effects on my Twin Flame, so the trauma, hurt or mistrust, etc from both of us was experienced in different ways, affecting our connection and ability to reunite.

When both Souls are healed and balanced to the point where the only energies or majority of energies left that need healing are those in their own connection as Twin Flames and as Twin Flames are at a point of potential for more healing of their connection, then they can arrange to meet up physically. Here the intention and hope would be to heal and release any remaining negativity generated from physical incarnations that keeps them from their ultimate goal which is to reunite and return to the Oneness… to ‘ascend’ and no longer need to incarnate for personal reasons. Any subsequent incarnations would be with the pure intention of being of service to the Light.

Others may have different experiences of being with their Twin Flame and beliefs about what a Twin Flame is. All I can share is my truth and what it has been like for me and what I believe to be true from my experiences and all that Spirit has shared with me.