A ‘Walk-in’ is the most commonly used term for when two Souls, both in agreement, decide to swap places within the physical body. The Soul usually enters the physical vessel to coincide with the birth of the physical vessel. However, a Soul can also enter into a physical vessel when the body is older. If the original Soul that was in the body leaves so they effectively hand it over to the new Soul to use, then this is a full walk-in / walk-out situation.

If the two Souls decide to stay together either temporarily or full time, then this situation is called a Soul Merge.

Each case is agreed between the Souls and Higher Selves involved. Some lose a lot of the conscious states earlier memories or details that are not helpful or indeed detrimental to the journey of the new Soul so in some cases completely removed / blocked off so that the new Soul can move forward without being held back by certain life experiences of the original Soul.

Why might a walk-in happen?

Well when a Soul has finished what it came here to do or feels it is time to leave andwalk-in twin flame tree that staying would not be beneficial for it then it may choose to leave. Perhaps earlier than originally planned or perhaps not. If the Soul wants to leave before it planned to, the option of having to avoid the act of physical death of them as a person could be preferred for all those that would be impacted by their physical transition. The individual reasons and benefits could be numerous.

Some walk-in / walk-out situations are agreed pre-birth of the original Soul to benefit both Souls involved and be of service for the greater good, perhaps really benefitting the particular Soul group and shared Oversoul cluster by doing so as often the Souls belong to the same Oversoul.

For the new soul the benefits of being able to take on the life of a person at an older age means the ability to set about any mission or tasks they wish to experience or be able to bring of service to others without having to go through the period of childhood. During childhood the Soul as a child would have to follow the instructions and influences of the parents or caregivers to a large extent and so not so free to choose their own path or be actively of service. It is an obvious option for Souls that are not needing to incarnate for personal karmic reasons so come purely to be of service. Also perhaps for those that have a particular focus of healing and do not need to experience a long lifetime to address these issues.

walk-in twin flame doorwayAs the ability to heal and clear old past energies accelerates and opens up for many Souls, it seems to make sense that more Souls would choose this option where available.

In the event of a walk-in / walk-out situation, the two Souls almost always go through a period of being merged whilst the new Soul gets used to being in the body before the original one leaves. During this merged state, the consciousness of the original Soul is then affected by the new Soul’s vibration, intentions and energies and undergoes changes.

These changes can be very confusing to the conscious state of the Walk-in or Soul Merge and often a sense of loss is experienced for the person they were before. The walk-in’s loved ones also often experience a sense of loss and confusion with the changes in their personality and the shift in their connection with them and their relationship.

If you suspect or know you are a Walk-in or Soul Merge or are being affected by a walk-out of a loved one, I can offer assistance. I can offer support and understanding. I can also offer energy healing to assist with the integration of the new energies and clear away any of the previous Soul’s energies that may be restricting the new Soul’s intentions and wishes and causing a sensation of frustration and inability to move forwards.

If you would like any assistance of this kind please book below and contact me by phone or the contact form to discuss further your situation.


Walk-in support sessions    £55

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Walk in support sessions x 3   £133

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