I have added here some feedback and testimonials and I have received, from each different service I offer.


Transformational Email Coaching Sessions (over a two month period):

‘Thank you so very much for all your beautiful, wise, positive, encouraging, lifting and divine communications… the transformation and the peace within me is beyond words… how blessed I feel to really see and feel how much I have transformed through your teachings!’

‘What I see, feel and experience in the Beautiful Being that is You… Beautiful Amber Ariana, is a Very Special TEACHER to Guide us back to our True Selves. You have been specifically chosen for this, and you can see from just me alone that you Truly Excel at what you do and the guidance you give. You have guided me back to the Beautiful Me that I truly am. Without you, I would still be lost in the human race (you know what I mean x) – Nanette, UK


Transformational Coaching Session (in person):

Thank you for your time, presence and guidance last Saturday afternoon. I was overwhelmed with so many feelings that I allowed myself to gently and safely feel them all which felt really healing after the wonderful coaching session with yourself. I am so grateful and am tapping into what feels like going down and inward to a place of self guidance and truth – a place where I can start healing and moving forward from. Since the coaching with you last weekend I have started seeing and interpreting ‘signs’ and I am listening to my heart and inner voice in reaction to things. I feel a clearer connection with spirit and I really feel in my soul a direction starting to take place. My heart and soul with my twin flame connection are becoming clearer for myself and feeling a healing going on with many old ‘stuck’ things! So thank you so much!! It was so lovely to meet you Amber, you are a wonderful soul!    – Ali, UK


Transformational Healing Session:

Dear and wonderful and sweet Amber, 

Wow, what a healing session indeed. I lay down at the time you suggested and was really sad yet calm. I started crying out of such a deep space I had never heard myself cry this way before. Pretty interesting, how my body started shaking all over, first my feet then my legs , then my whole body, like a huge vibrational release and I saw images and had a healing around every single heartache. I felt the presence of the Beings you described and will gladly continue the work. All of the things you stated make complete sense. No mistakes as to why I reached out to you. I was so out of it during the session I was not able to move, I was that shaken and deeply worked on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A week later I received more feedback…

Ever since your healing I feel a change in my feelings about and toward my twin flame. That’s new. This time I feel so strong and good about myself that I took a different stance, without ego or hurt or anger. Thank you so much for breaking that cycle. I am sooo grateful for all you have written and done for me. I will reread the feedback again in a little bit. It was so very powerful I am so looking forward to our next session.   – Laura, U.S.

—   —   —

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the healing I received and I am ever so happy to have listened to that guidance inside that made me connect with you…there are infinite possibilities around us, but the synchronicity of connecting with the right person at the right time always feels like some sort of Magic!

I have read your feedback a couple of times and I will read it a few more, to say that it moved me doesn’t begin to explain what I felt really. I feel the depth of it, it’s as if I read it with my soul and not eyes…it gave me shivers and brought tears of Joy to my eyes. Last night during the session I felt my arms and feet a lot, as if something was being plugged into them and then felt the heart centre very strongly, my third eye was very active and I felt at some point joy coming from within and I felt very strongly the presence of an angelic presence around me. There were moments where it was physically painful but I wasn’t worried and today the pain is gone.

I appreciate a lot what you say about, doing what feels right for me, I have to say though, I am finding myself resonating perfectly with all you sent me! I am very glad we made this connection Amber and once again thank you from deep within for now. – Elena, Ireland.

—   —   —

Amber’s healing abilities are inspiring and deeply intuitive. Whether I have needed to feel nurtured and soothed, or to shake things up and clear out old energies and fears, I am always amazed at how much better I feel after a distant healing session with her. It is hard to put into words but it is as if all the pieces of my soul are somehow smoothed out again so that I am able to relax really deeply and my own energy is able to flow freely once again. The written feedback from the session is always fascinating to read for the insights Amber is able provide into the healing process that is taking place. I would highly recommend Amber as an energy healer.    – Cath, UK


Positive Affirmations:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are such a blessing. I have read over the affirmations and they really resonated with my heart. Detra, US


Transformational Higher Self Reading (written) & handover session (by telephone):

‘I was guided to contact you right away and it was purely source powered and I am grateful. To have such a beautiful compassionate soul guide me on the physical plane is so deeply appreciated.’

‘Know that you are a gift from God who understands the challenges for twins …. You were my lighthouse when shadows appeared.’

‘The only words I know to be truth were those you channelled and those in my heart.’
‘You are so beautiful Amber and I am so grateful to have met you. I read your reading often…
Thank you… with deepest gratitude and love,’   – Katherine, Canada


Transformational Higher Self Reading (in person):

I have experienced 2 readings with Amber and have found them both comforting and uplifting. Amber’s readings have re-affirmed my own thoughts and feelings about situations and have made me confirm that I am not going mad! She has introduced me to new concepts and techniques to help with my life path but also to help clear away unwanted and old emotions that are still lingering below the surface. Amber is very understanding and has a great and positive approach. I have left the readings feeling supported by Amber and also uplifted, knowing that I have been following the right path. I would definitely recommend a meeting!          – H.B., UK


Transformational Higher Self Reading (written):

I found Amber’s reading to be very accurate. It is what I was longing to hear for a long time what she’s so beautifully transmitted. The reading offers me a focus for my life at the moment which serves my transformation and my opening. It gave me clear guidance in areas I need most. The reading is a few pages long and it touches many aspects. I also had the privilege to meet Amber personally and she is a beautiful person who is truly committed to helping others on their personal empowerment and transformation. I can’t recommend Amber’s reading enough! Thank you Amber!   – Emilia, UK

 —   —   —

Thank you for this amazing reading. So much of what has happened so far has been what came through in the reading. I probably would have continued to feel trapped, without your help.

I am so very grateful to you for this reading, because it awakened something in me. That part has been hidden for a while. Now I know who I am again. Thank you! – Ash, Australia