Positive Affirmations

Twin Flame positive affirmations are carefully worded positive statements about yourself and your life, related to or impacting your connection and union with your Twin Flame.

The frequency of the vibration of what is spoken and what is ‘affirmed’, it attracts back to you (the source of the frequency emitted) that which is of the same and similar vibration.

By making positive statements about yourself and your life you are literally ‘placing an order’ to the Universe as to what you would like to experience. By placing orders that are aligned with your highest path of Light and your highest wishes for yourself, then you are assisting the Universe in bringing you that which you wish for.

By using affirmations that are in alignment with what your Higher Self would wish for you and address the issues that need healing within you, then you facilitate the healing process.

By reading them daily with intention and preferably out loud, you can help to change the way you feel about yourself and your life. They assist in keeping your thoughts aligned with love and joy, rather than coming from a place of fear or lack. As you read them, they tap into that part of you that believes what you are reading in every way.

I see it as if that Light and unconditional love inside you… it gets ignited and sort of flares up in response to the statements that agree with its vibration. So not only does it attract to you that of a same vibration, I believe it ignites your inner Self as you declare how much you love yourself and believe in yourself and deserve all the joys and delights available to you. This can be more clearly felt when saying affirmations whilst being worked on energetically by Spirit, in an open and receptive state. When I say in my head certain statements/affirmations I feel huge immediate energetic reactions in response to what I have said. Other statements I don’t feel anything or not as much. I can feel clearly as I say them which ones bring more benefit to me and are assisting me right there and then. It’s amazing to experience and once you have, you have no doubt in the power of such affirmations. Working with affirmations as part of your healing path in this way is greatly beneficial and I highly recommend doing so. To enable you to do so I suggest purchasing also my Transformational Tool mini ‘how to’ guide for Energy Healing with Spirit, which will enable you to work with your affirmations in this mantra style way whilst being worked on, in alignment with the affirmations specifically beneficial to you at this time.

Affirming in a positive way also shifts the way you think and what you believe about yourself on a conscious/mind level.

It is very important to direct your thoughts towards the kind of life you would like to live rather than spend any time worrying about what you don’t want to experience.

As you progress on your journey of Self healing then you will notice how more and more your perception of yourself and others and situations is more accepting and non-judgmental and loving and filled with compassion. The ego doesn’t let go of its power without a struggle though and affirmations can help to reprogram it to be aligned with your current state rather than clinging ontwin flame affirmations to old patterns and habits.

It’s not easy to change overnight but with conscious effort and intention to correct negative thoughts and words spoken, over time you will find yourself letting go of anything unloving and negative and if it does enter into your mind you will notice it quite quickly rather than run with it and add to it.

Obviously if something is upsetting you it is best to honour that and listen to why and see if any healing or change in perception would be beneficial. However in the instance of having repetitive judgmental or unloving thoughts about yourself or others throughout the day, these kind of thoughts are best let go of whilst doing any healing or clearing work to heal the energies they are representing that you carry within you.

If you would like me to write you 10 personal affirmations to use as part of your path of healing then please order below.

Please also let me know what issues you struggle with or wish for help with. If you order them at the same time as a Transformational Higher Self Reading or Transformational Healing session, I will do them straight after and receive them from your Higher Self. You will also receive 10 affirmations about being on The Twin Flame Path. I suggest no more than 10 at any one time each day so the reading of them doesn’t seem like a chore. Instead it should be viewed as a gift to yourself and your Being.

This is an extremely simple but effective form of healing – give it a try!


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