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I have been guided to write regular short Divine Messages. They will be aligned with what will be most beneficial to share that week or month, as guided by Spirit, and resonate with those that need to hear it the most. I will also share it on my Facebook page, where you will be able to see previous ones shared.


Intense times… intense days… yet through these transformational events and situations you free yourself. Much must be realigned in order to get yourself on your optimal track. To bring about realignment, some of the old must be let go of, some must be healed, some must be accepted. To further bring about realignment, action must be taken to synchronize your path with that chosen by your Higher Self.

Imagine you are stood on a train station platform…

It’s not about the train that got you where you are… it’s about the choice of train you get on next. For some of you it is a train of healing… for some of you it is a train of forgiveness… for some of you it is a train of compassion… for some of you it is a train of new beginnings… and for some of you it is a train of empowerment. Regardless of which train you choose, know it is a train of choice. It is your choice. Standing still and staying on the platform is also a choice.

Listen to your heart… your inner nudging that is showing you the way… helping you make the right choice for you. For no one can know what is right for you, as much as you, for only you experience what it is like to be you… and only you can make the choice as to what is right for you.

Be empowered… be brave… be excited… be hopeful… choose your next step… your next path… be YOU.



Previous last message:

Do you see yet what you already have available to you?

Are you allowing yourself to receive that which is already being gifted to you?

Open your arms and heart to receive… for abundance is yours should you wish for it…

You are asked to be brave… be brave in matters of the heart… speak out about Love…

Whatever it is you hold in your heart… be brave and acknowledge it…

be brave and embrace it… be brave and express it…

To receive that which you wish for…

to fully embrace the abundance of Love available to you…

Be brave… be true to yourself… choose Love.


Previous messages:

As one door closes.. another one opens…

You may not know with as much certainty what lies behind the new door, as you do what is behind the old door.. but that is not to be feared… it is a gift!

Free will, opportunity and choice lies behind the new door… no matter what it involves and what presents itself for your attention, consideration and perusal.

Set the right intentions for yourself at this time as you walk through the new door and keep an open heart and open mind. Let go of judgment and limitations. Be aligned with your truth and trust that with each step you will know what is right for you and how to proceed accordingly.

Be YOU… and TRUST…


You are beautiful! You are an amazing conscious expression of beliefs, values and intentions! Identify and decide what your current beliefs and values are… then set intentions aligned with them. Get yourself back on your very own path of choice in the direction of your choosing, with ‘what matters’ to you clearly identified and at the core of all you do and are. Be creative, be passionate, be courageous… and follow your inner knowing to wherever it takes you… May it be a wondrous journey!


If what you have been working towards or hoping for, for some time has not made any obvious advancements or progress, do not become despondent or frustrated. Instead, use your energy and time to reassess your current situation, your goals and your intentions. One can keep ploughing forwards in the same vein when in fact some subtle changes may be beneficial or perhaps even some huge shifts are called for. It’s healthy to reassess every so often, check-in with yourself as to where you stand and where you would like to be heading and what you are currently doing about it and what else you are prepared to do to help yourself in that direction.

Remember its ok to change your mind… it’s ok to change your priorities or even your wishes or hopes for yourself. It doesn’t mean what you wished for previously or worked towards before was a waste of time or wrong for you. If it felt right then, then it was right for you then. Back to now. How do you feel now? What are your priorities now? What ignites your heart and mind now? Look to make any necessary changes to realign your activities and focus in that direction or directions. If your priorities are still the same but you feel frustrated at your apparent lack of progress, it’s time to either change in some way what you are doing towards your goals, or shift your conscious perception of your situation and goals.

Often along the twin flame path one can get frustrated or despondent. If you look at this… most likely you will see that this frustration or despondency relates to not getting what you hope for or want from others. What another does is out of your control, it is their choice, as it should be. Ensure you haven’t pinned all your goals and hopes around the decisions and choices of another! Of course… you will have some… but ensure you have others that are within your own control as to what you work towards and put your energy into. The most sacred and empowering of these is the choice to heal yourself, on every level. The choice to free yourself energetically and consciously from that which holds you back from experiencing your full potential of incarnated expression and embodiment of joy and unconditional love.

So… if you are feeling frustrated or despondent or perhaps angry about your situation despite your previous efforts towards your goals and wishes for yourself… then reassess… ensure your goals and wishes are still relevant and appropriate for you. Change your focus and activities where needed. If the goals remain the same, then look to where other changes can be made to help you feel more at peace and loving towards your situation and yourself. Is it the activities or ways you spend your time? Is it your perception of yourself or your situation that can be changed? Do what needs to be done to be in a happier and more loving state whilst working towards goals and priorities that are important to you.

The twin flame path is often an arduous and obstacle filled one, so be loving towards yourself and do what you can to make it easier on yourself as you heal and bring yourself back into balance and a harmonious state of well-being.

If you wish for assistance on this path, with either shifting your perceptions, reassessing your goals, or clearing and healing your energies… then if it feels right… let me know and I would be happy to assist you further!



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