Transformational Tools

You will need Twin Flame healing tools to assist you as you move along the Twin Flame Path clearing and healing your Being as you release and heal yourself of old energies that aren’t for your greater good. Any energies from previous incarnations and this current one that keep you in any way from reuniting with your Twin Flame and do not allow you to bring your Being back into a harmonious state of well-being and balance will need to be healed and removed. To do this it will probably involve various forms of release, healing and clearing.

Everyone is different and has their own needs and what works best for them. It may be for some there is more emphasis on energy work and for others a focus on other types of clearing and healing work. The key is to have as many Twin Flame healing tools available to you as possible so you can work with them to assist you as you move along this path as each occasion arises.

As you progress further you will no doubt come to know which form of release or healing is best suited to what you are experiencing or struggling with at the time. Some forms of release are more physical and others more expressive and others literally a need for deep grieving and crying.  Some are experienced more in the present and others reconnecting with events and people, including yourself, from previous times which I call ‘inner plane work’.

I was guided by Spirit to identify the main Twin Flame healing tools I used on my path so that I could write about each one to share with others also embarking on or working on this path. I am in the process of creating mini ‘how to’ e-books for each one which will be available for purchase here when ready. They will contain information about each topic, include tips and suggestions, where applicable visualisation assistance and cover what I see as all the basics for each type of healing.

Until then whether assisting you ongoing with coaching and support or through readings or healing sessions, where appropriate I will share with you what tools I found invaluable and an integral part of the process.

If you are more likely to opt for a Transformational Higher Self Reading from me and then work through the clearing and healing on your own, I strongly recommend you buy the Transformational Tools mini e-books when available, to assist you in this process as you progress along the path. If you subscribe to receive my ‘Divine Light Messages’, as and when they are available I will let it be known there.

I am also recording several guided meditations to assist with this work and of course will post when they are available.


Transformational Tool – Energy Healing with Spirit   £5

(Short ‘how to’ e-book with information and suggestions to enable you to continue working safely with Spirit yourself)


A powerful yet very simple form of healing is also using Positive Affirmations whilst being worked on energetically by Spirit. I highly recommend this form of healing. Whilst following the guidelines in my ‘how to’ Energy Healing with Spirit book, use specific affirmations that are most beneficial to you at this time. If you wish to purchase the ‘how to’ book plus the affirmations and use them together you may do so here at a small discount. Please see my Positive Affirmations page for more information on the benefits of using them.

Transformational Tool – Energy Healing with Spirit                            &  20 Affirmations  £15

(Short ‘how to’ e-book with information and suggestions & 10 x personal affirmations and 10 x twin flame affirmations)