Transformational Coaching

Having someone to talk to about what you are going through as you follow the Twin Flame Path can be of extreme benefit to you.

As I am predominantly claircognizant and also receive communication through clairvoyance and clairaudience any guidance I receive from Spirit during the sessions I will share with you to assist you.

We can talk through any concerns or issues you may have as they come up whilst you heal and release and clear away old energies. Some of the healing and clearing work could be extremely intense and emotional, and knowing you have someone there for you to support you and listen can make all the difference. It could be more Self healing focused or more Twin Flame coaching focused.

I can help you stay focused and work with you to target short term and long term goals. It is helpful to have someone to help you acknowledge your progress and what you have achieved and where you are at on your path. Where necessary I can help you reassess and change any goals or activities you have decided to do.

It is up to you and what you feel you need or benefits you most. We can talk simply whenever you feel the need, no matter how much time has passed since the initial reading or you can book regular sessions as often as you feel would benefit you. There are cost reductions for booking three or four sessions in advance.

At the moment I offer support and coaching via email. Healing is often found through expressing that which wishes to be heard and acknowledged. By writing and rereading what you have wrote or contemplating the questions I put to you and then writing them down… it assists you in understanding yourself more and acknowledging where you are at on your journey and what issues you need assistance with and helps you work through them. When the time is used up according to my time spent at my end, I will let you know. Profound healing and progress can be achieved with any of the types of coaching I offer, which currently is only email coaching. Having it written down and being able to refer back to it as and when needed can prove more beneficial for some. If I decide to do Skype and telephone coaching again I will update here, but for now email coaching is available to those who wish for it.

If you are booking a written Higher Self Reading I also offer a discounted 60 minutes of my time for email coaching and support available for two months after the receipt of the reading. Please see my Transformational Higher Self Reading’s page for more information. (Of note: Higher Self Readings are not currently available).


Transformational Coaching Session    £55

(90 minutes of my time added up)


 Transformational Coaching Sessions x 3    £133

(270 minutes of my time added up)


Transformational Coaching Sessions x 4    £133

(60 minutes session x 4 – currently not available – please do not book)