Transformational Higher Self Readings

Life is a tapestry of choices… a plethora of options and possibilities. Each journey, each individual path we walk… it is up to us to choose where to walk and certainly how to walk it. No one can truly know which path is right for you except you. No one can know what it is like to walk your path, except you. My intention… it is to assist you in knowing for yourself which is the right path, the right choice. Not that there is such a thing as a ‘wrong’ choice as such, but by right choice, I mean a choice that is aligned with the will of your Higher Self.

Whether you have already met your Twin Flame or hope to meet them or perhaps want to be healed and balanced for other reasons, the Divine guidance I channel through from your Higher Self will assist you in doing this. If you are feeling confused, fearful or stuck, this guidance can help you move forwards, gain clarity and know what to focus on to help you.

I bring forth Divine guidance for you from your Higher Self. It always includes suggestions of priorities and activities to carry out and other messages of encouragement and inspiration. This Higher Self reading / Twin Flame reading is not a reading that gives predictions although some future opportunities may get mentioned. It will give you the information to enable you to make the choice should you wish, to focus on that which will assist you in bringing your Being back into a healed and balanced state of well-being and focusing on that which your Higher Self would wish for. It gives suggestions of healing, clearing and nurturing activities that you could consider ‘homework’ to be carried out. Each written Higher Self reading is usually about four pages of A4 text.

If you choose to follow the guidance in part or wholly, I can offer you additional assistance in whichever way works best for you and for as long as you wish. I offer support and spiritual coaching as you continue along the path – please see Transformational Coaching. I also carry out healing and clearing sessions working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light – please see Transformational Healing.

If you wish purely for this guidance and do not need or wish for any support or additional healing or clearing assistance from me then this reading will help you get focused and aligned with the will of your Higher Self and give you something to work on. I suggest you take a look at my Transformational Tools available to assist you.

If however at the time of receiving the reading you wish to go through it and discuss the guidance with me, I can assist you in deciding a way forward for you and setting goals and targets and providing any additional insight. For this, I offer a one hour handover session at a discount when booked along with the reading itself.

If you would like the added benefit of receiving some coaching and support to assist you whilst you follow some of the activities and healing and clearing work suggested, then I also offer 60 minutes of my time of either email or telephone coaching and support. This is available during the first two months after receipt of the reading, as and when you require it. I will let you know when the 60 minutes of my time has been used up. For this I offer the 60 minutes at a discount when booked along with the reading itself.

To request a Transformational Higher Self Reading or Reading plus 1 hour session or Reading plus coaching and support time, please book the reading required below and also contact me either by phone or on the contact form on my contact page and let me know if you have any questions you would like including in your reading. Currently, I can usually have your reading done within a week of booking it. After I have heard from you I will confirm when I can do your reading for you.


I am temporarily cutting back on the services I offer, to focus during the daytimes on completing much of my written work. I wish to assist as many people as possible and therefore need to get my written work published and available. At this time I am not offering Higher Self Readings. When this changes I will let you all know. Until then I recommend booking a healing session with me with the additional report, as this includes 3 pages of messages and information from Spirit regarding your current situation and healing path.




I currently offer:







Payment links below temporarily not active!

Transformational Higher Self Reading    £77

(4 pages of written Divine guidance)

Transformational Higher Self Reading with 60 mins coaching £99

(4 pages of written Divine guidance plus 60 minutes of my time for email or telephone coaching and support)

Transformational Higher Self Reading with 1 hour session    £99

(4 pages of written Divine guidance plus 1 hour handover session)