Transformational Healings

These transformational healing sessions focus on healing the Twin Flame connection energy blockages and negativity that prevents or hinders in any way the full returning of Self to a harmonious and balanced state of wellbeing.

Twin flame reunion on a physical level during incarnation here on Earth is not maintainable unless at least one of the twin flames is mostly clear of negativity. For most of those currently incarnated this means much healing of Self has to be undertaken. Until a certain level of healing or harmonious balance has been achieved, it is the dynamic of the twin flames to come together and then part and repeat this process over and over until remaining together is comfortable for them on a conscious level and beneficial for them on a Soul level. Whether your wish is to prepare yourself vibrationally for a potential twin flame relationship or to heal and work through the situation you find yourself in after having already met your twin flame, my healing sessions will assist you.

I work with Spirit, Light, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and any potential Galactic Being that comes to assist you. Each session is individual and unless you specify a particular type of healing or clearing, after setting the intentions for the session I follow the flow of each healing and which Beings of Light turn up and work with you and which Beings I am guided to work with.healing twin flame hands

I offer two types of sessions. One is for the session itself which includes a few words sharing any basic feedback I may have about the session at my end. The other is the session plus a written report. This may involve a detailed write-up of what I was shown and told to share with you by Spirit and may contain information so you can continue further healing or clearing work as started by Spirit if you so wish. Alternatively, it may contain messages or guidance about your situation and what you are going through. I never know who is going to show up during the sessions and what type of work they will be doing or what information they will wish to share with you for your Greater Good at that time. I recommend as a first session with me the extended healing plus report, then if you wish for further energy sessions but not the guidance or messages related to your healing journey, then you can go for the stand-alone energy sessions. I also offer a discounted booking for three sessions at almost the same price per session as the stand alone session yet with this offer you will receive a 1 page report from Spirit for each session. These options give you flexibility as to your wishes and your situation.

I carry out these sessions at a distance as I assist people all around the world. It is optimal this way, so that you can lie down at home relaxing for a short period beforehand and then for as long as you wish afterwards, as the energy work often continues for longer if you stay relaxed and receptive. Some of this work is done at deep cellular memory levels and the more relaxed you are the better without having to worry about moving or driving soon afterwards. With this in mind I also offer some late evening healing sessions for those within Europe that wish to stay in bed afterwards and go to sleep. On these occasions, Spirit often continues working through the night.

I believe undergoing healing and clearing work of this kind is instrumental in the clearing out of old lower vibrational energies from your Being. Depending on how much needs healing it may involve many hours of energy work to continue to clear away and heal negativity and raise the vibration of your Being. For some others it may only need a few catalytic sessions at the right time. Some people are already able to facilitate and undergo energy healing, upgrades, downloads and rebalancing themselves having clear open channels of communication with Spirit and their Higher Self. This level of empowerment and conscious connection with Spirit is where we are all heading. My aim is to assist those of you that are working towards this and at a stage in your journey where you would benefit from my ability to facilitate these energy sessions and receive communications through my clear conscious connection with Spirit for you.

To book a transformational healing session with me please pay for the session and also contact me via the contact form to discuss your intentions and agree a suitable time and day. If unsure whether to book one or several sessions to receive the discounted offer, you may wish to discuss with me first your needs and current situation. Then after payment I can confirm your booking with you. At the present time I am usually able to carry out the healing sessions anything up to two weeks of booking the session.


Transformational Healing Session – plus report     £77 

(1 hour healing session – with up to 3 pages of messages and information from Spirit)



Transformational Healing Session     £55  

(1 hour healing session – with brief session feedback)



Transformational Healing Session x 3     £170

(3 x 1 hour healing sessions – each with 1 page of feedback and messages from Spirit)