I offer a range of services and products all with the intention of assisting those that wish to walk this path.

Please look at my list of services available on the drop down menu above and select that which you wish to find out more about. As my services are all available at a distance and in fact recommended in some cases, I am able to assist you no matter where you live around the world.

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Whilst both the services and tools are all intended to assist you, my hope is that you will grow more confident and able to carry out this work increasingly by yourself. That through the use of my tools and with the guidance from your Higher Self Readings, you will reach increased levels of understanding with what your Higher Self would choose for you and how to interpret the messages you receive for yourself, working with your Soul and Higher Self along The Twin Flame Path.

We all have the ability to communicate directly with our Souls, with our Higher Selves… and my intention is to empower others to be able to help themselves as much as they wish to and trust in what they receive whilst receiving as much support and assistance as they need or wish for. I will in the future have available a book that deals specifically with this topic for those that wish to strengthen and improve their interpretation and reception of their guidance and communications with their own Higher Self and Soul.



Disclaimer: I am neither a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist. Always consult a physician about any symptoms you may be experiencing. As with all guidance received it is important to remember to follow your own inner guidance and sense of what is right for you above all else. I ask that all guidance received through me be filtered through your own heart knowing and only acted upon if you agree and feel it is right for you. By ordering any of the services and products I offer, you are doing so in full acceptance that you are responsible for any choices or actions you then undertake as a result of what guidance comes through for you, as are you also responsible for any healing process instigated by either my products, a session with me or further healing work you decide to do. In doing so you also agree I am not responsible for said choices or actions or any subsequent consequences thereof.