Aslan’s Army Of Light

Monthly Meditational Gatherings

Love the animals? Wish to assist our beautiful animal brothers and sisters?

Then join me and others in a ‘monthly meditational gathering’ around the world to assist the beloved animals as Gaia and all its inhabitants shift in vibration.

United in intention and desire to be of service for 15 minutes once a month to assist our beautiful animal brothers and sisters.

Taking place at 9pm (UK time) every month on the 9th.. to reflect the vibration of 9… of service.. of compassion… altruism… using our wish to be of service and make a positive change… success in these intentions and energies permeated… 9 is a powerful number… so will add to our beautiful intentions and work of service.

Each meditational visualisation session will last 15 minutes… the vibration of new beginnings and change.. united and embodying the vibration of healing and service.


I will be holding the space and intention for these monthly meditational gatherings around the world for all those that care and wish to put the power of Light and Love behind their wishes and hopes for a better existence and experience for the animals. Let us join forces.. Let us be an Army of Light assisting in the creation and manifestation of a kinder safer and more loving world for our animal brothers and sisters.

During such gatherings we will be working with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses… the Oneness. The work we do is currently overseen by Master Jesus and Archangel Ariel.

Next one:  9pm  (UK time) on 9th  November 2017

Check back here or sign up to the ‘Divine Light Messages’ newsletters to find out how you can be involved and what meditational visualisation work we will be doing each month or join us on Facebook at Aslan’s Army Of Light . Let me know if you are going to join in or have any feedback you wish to share. I look forward to connecting with you on this powerful and important work of service.