About Me

Amber Ariana Hello… my name is Amber Ariana. I have always wanted to be of service and help others.   I have a BSC (Hons) Psychology degree and voluntary work experience with Mind and as a Relate relationship counsellor.

My passion and interest for alternative ways of healing and helping others led me to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium, both certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue Ph.D, and also become a Reiki Master and Teacher. I worked helping others primarily bringing through Divine guidance and healing for them.

With my conscious communication with Spirit expanding and my trust in my inner knowing deepening I began to do my best to consciously follow the guidance of my Higher Self. I readily began to do what felt right and what I was guided to do by Spirit, even when I didn’t know why or where I was going. I increasingly knew the truth as to my reason for being incarnated at this time and dedicated myself to being consciously aligned with my Higher Self’s priorities.

The past ten years I have been fully committed to this task and sacrificed what many would call normal activities and lifestyle to give myself the time and space to go through this and stay focused, whilst also assisting others. I was told by Spirit I was as if on a ‘fast track’ route so not everyone may wish to be as solely focused or dedicated as I was. My dedication to this path opened me up to amazing and profound experiences and I gained a new found sense of Self within the life changing experience of Oneness.

I had realised as it continued and was told by Spirit that my ultimate path of service was something I hadn’t seen coming or expected. That all I had trained for and experienced was leading me to this, to this healing and balancing of my Being of all remaining traumatic and low vibrational energies from my five lifetimes (including this one) where I connected and met with my Twin Flame. Through this process I had also brought back into balance my Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within. I was then to use all my experience and information from my own healing path and my former healing and coaching roles in a role of service to help others do the same, which is what I do now.

During this time Spirit told me to write about many of my experiences so I could help others following the same path to know that they aren’t alone and have guidance and information to encourage, support and inspire them. I look forward to sharing my books with you soon as they become available.

I also have experience and knowledge of the walk-in and soul merge topic and assist others going through this with energy work and coaching. I can also assist those feeling affecting or upset by anothers’ walk-out experience.

I have called it ‘The Twin Flame Path’ as it is a path that through healing the Twin Flame connection and healing of Self, ultimately leads to reconnecting with one’s Twin Flame or achieving enough clearing and healing of oneself that one is ready to maintain and enjoy having a physical ‘reunion’ and relationship with one’s Twin Flame on a path of service, should that be chosen to do so. I have been blessed with the amazing and profound Twin Flame connection and experience. I am now dedicated to helping others that also wish to walk this path.

Amber Ariana.xxx