2015 – Year 8 Energies

2015 – Year 8 Cycle.

Entering now into the new energies of a year 8 cycle.

The emphasis is placed on: achievement, reaping rewards from previous efforts, personal power, will and determination, inner driving force, potential for abundance, sense of belonging and finding your ‘right’ place in the world – both in business and in relationship arenas.

What this means for you in terms of opportunities for healing…

After last years confusing and intensely emotional energies that were asking you to look closely at yourself and what you wanted.. this year will come as a welcome shift into the arena of achieving and doing. Of course this is just a general influence of the years energies and you will have your own personal year energies that influence you too. But this year’s 8 vibrational energies work like a power house of personal inner force and drive, asking you to focus on what you now want and by putting in the effort you will achieve and receive rewards in line with said efforts.

So this is a good year to invest time and efforts into your own healing. A beneficial time to dedicate time regularly to the nurturing and supporting of yourself and your wishes and hopes for yourself. It’s your free will and choice how much time and effort to dedicate to your path of healing of Self and your path of twin flame healing and twin flame reunion. Use these extra year 8 energies wisely and take action to bring yourself back into a balanced and healed state of wellbeing.  Set intentions for your choice of direction for yourself and move yourself through effort and dedication into your ‘right place’ in the world at this time. Work on being receptive and opening up to receiving, for as you focus and give yourself the gift of your time and dedication, you will receive gifts in return!

If you are interested in yearly and monthly cycles I suggest the author Christine DeLory.

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Last Year: 2014 – Year 7 Cycle.

The emphasis this year was placed on areas such as: learning, wisdom, reflection, intuition, slowing down to spend time on finding the right way ahead for you, seeking, faith, etc. The themes above could be used to assist you on your path of healing your Self and your Twin Flame connection.

Previous Year:  – 2013 – Year 6 Cycle.

During 2013 emphasis was placed on areas such as: Love, family, community, home, responsibility, accountability, fairness, justice, control and institutions. This means also that more opportunities existed for healing and rebalancing of these themes and areas.