2017 – Year 1 Energies

Current Year 2017 – Year 1 Cycle.

The year 1 cycle of energy is a time of new beginnings and breaking away from old ways of being. Choices you make this year will likely determine and influence the next nine year cycle. Due to the level of change taking place or energies asking for you to make changes, this can also be seen as a year that calls upon courage and issues of freedom, independence and originality.

Ways of living, choices of career and relationships… much will be called to your attention to see where change is optimal or indeed demanded.

Allow your self-confidence and leadership skills to propel you forwards in the direction of your choice. Be creative… explore your freedom to build foundations and set in action those projects and changes you have mulled over for some time. The energy of this year 1 supports and nourishes new beginnings, new situations, new directions and new enterprises. This is the year to ‘go for it’ knowing you have an extra flow of energy and support behind you.

For those on the twin flame path, this energy will assist you in breaking away from relationships that no longer serve you or are not for your Greater Good to stay in. You will be called to action… to work on yourself, to make any changes that assist you in releasing the old energies that you have been carrying and forging forwards in new directions. Be brave… take charge and do that which your heart tells you… walk the path you are here to walk.

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Last Year 2016 – Year 9 Cycle.

Emphasis here is placed on matters pertaining to endings… those situations and energies that have come full circle and are to be released and let go of. The vibration of the Year 9 supports this and matters come to a head or more readily into your conscious awareness to ask of you – if this is old and needs to be let go of, or if still relevant and of benefit to you and your path. Look to your relationships, your work situation, your beliefs, your habits, your thoughts… and see if its time to let go of some of them  and then you can nurture and spend more time and energy of those situations and relationships and activities that do feel right for you right now. You of course can let go of much at any time on your path, and the twin flame path calls for this on deep levels, however in the year 9 cycle it is as if being offered an additional gift, specially for those that have struggled to let go at the appropriate time and now being asked again to look closely and choose what is right for you today and let go of what is not.

Additionally the 9 vibration is that which corresponds to ‘being of service’. So look to this area of your path and life choices as to where you feel you are being called to ‘be of service’ at this time and in what ways. There are many ways to be of service to the Light.. to Love.. to Gaia.. Some paths and choices are more obvious and embody virtually your entire way of life or your chosen work. Others are perhaps more spontaneous or random or just focus on one particular area of your life. Whatever it is that embodies the meaning of ‘being of service’ to you.. then look to this area of your life and see where you can best use your skills and knowledge to be of assistance in some way.. and if already doing so.. then maybe check in with your intentions behind what you do and the ways in which you are of service, and see if they still feel right for you today. For the path constantly changes and as you grow and shift in wisdom and vibrational frequency you may well find your work of service also shifts and changes with you… so stay up to date with how you feel and are and what feels right for you!

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Previous Year 2015 – Year 8 Cycle.

Energies of a year 8 cycle…

The emphasis is placed on: achievement, reaping rewards from previous efforts, personal power, will and determination, inner driving force, potential for abundance, sense of belonging and finding your ‘right’ place in the world – both in business and in relationship arenas.

What this means for you in terms of opportunities for healing…

After last years confusing and intensely emotional energies that were asking you to look closely at yourself and what you wanted.. this year will come as a welcome shift into the arena of achieving and doing. Of course this is just a general influence of the years energies and you will have your own personal year energies that influence you too. But this year’s 8 vibrational energies work like a power house of personal inner force and drive, asking you to focus on what you now want and by putting in the effort you will achieve and receive rewards in line with said efforts.

So this is a good year to invest time and efforts into your own healing. A beneficial time to dedicate time regularly to the nurturing and supporting of yourself and your wishes and hopes for yourself. It’s your free will and choice how much time and effort to dedicate to your path of healing of Self and your path of twin flame healing and twin flame reunion. Use these extra year 8 energies wisely and take action to bring yourself back into a balanced and healed state of wellbeing.  Set intentions for your choice of direction for yourself and move yourself through effort and dedication into your ‘right place’ in the world at this time. Work on being receptive and opening up to receiving, for as you focus and give yourself the gift of your time and dedication, you will receive gifts in return!

If you are interested in yearly and monthly cycles I suggest the author Christine DeLory.

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Previous Year: 2014 – Year 7 Cycle.

The emphasis this year was placed on areas such as: learning, wisdom, reflection, intuition, slowing down to spend time on finding the right way ahead for you, seeking, faith, etc. The themes above could be used to assist you on your path of healing your Self and your Twin Flame connection.

Previous Year:  – 2013 – Year 6 Cycle.

During 2013 emphasis was placed on areas such as: Love, family, community, home, responsibility, accountability, fairness, justice, control and institutions. This means also that more opportunities existed for healing and rebalancing of these themes and areas.