2014 – Year 7 Energies

2014 – Year 7 Cycle.

Entering now into the new energies of a year 7 cycle. The emphasis this year will be placed on areas such as: learning, wisdom, reflection, intuition, slowing down to spend time on finding the right way ahead for you, seeking, faith, etc.

Look at the themes above and see how they can be used to assist you on your path of healing your Self and your Twin Flame connection. I will be adding more information soon about what this means for you in terms of opportunities for healing.

Each month I will write some new words here to do with the themes of the year 7. If you are interested in yearly and monthly cycles I suggest the author Christine DeLory.

LAST YEAR  – 2013 – Year 6 Cycle.

In 2013 we found ourselves in the energies of a year 6.

During 2013 emphasis was placed on areas such as: Love, family, community, home, responsibility, accountability, fairness, justice, control and institutions. This means also that more opportunities existed for healing and rebalancing of these themes and areas. I have left the text below I previously wrote, for purposes of reflection and understanding of the previous years energies.


The one thing we all have control over and yet somehow easily relinquish that control to others is that of ‘choice’. Be it choice of something tangible such as which car to drive or where to live or what job to do… or be it a choice of how to feel… how to perceive… and what to believe.

In everyday life, no one else can choose for you unless in some way you empower them to or hand over that responsibility to them. In many instances and with small issues it barely goes noticed and isn’t an issue nor matter much to you. But when it comes to important life changing decisions and beliefs and how you choose to live your life… then surely you should claim that for yourself and be empowered to be the one to choose for yourself.

Even if you feel limited or unable to control much of your external environment, there is always the choice of perception. The choice of how to feel about yourself and your situation. It is a very old saying but is true… ‘to one man the glass looks half empty and to another the same glass looks half full’. What do you look for? Do you look for the best in people? Do you look for the opportunities in situations?

It is up to you how to ‘perceive’ yourself and your life. Based on that perception you make choices for yourself. Take a closer look at how you do indeed perceive yourself and your situation. Are you happy with it? Does it reflect who you are? Does it bring you satisfaction and joy in some way? Why have you chosen it for yourself? If you think as you read this that it is not what you would choose for yourself… then why are you choosing it now? Are there alternative choices you can make?

Once you have a clearer view of your situation and what matters most to you, you can make more empowered and beneficial choices for yourself. You can take control of your life more and this act in itself is empowering.

An essential component of your experiences and life is ‘intention’ and this is also within your control. What intention you set for all that you do and all that you work towards… all that you wish for yourself and others… that is up to you… your choice. Review your intentions and ensure you are happy with those and then plan action and choices based on those.

If you control your intentions and your perception… then control is indeed in your hands!


Families… does it make you think of your blood family you were born into? Does it make you think of your family of friends and loved ones? Does it make you think of the new family you have created for yourself.. your beloved.. your children? Does it make you think of your soul family?

Let me talk about this kind of family. Your soul family.. as they can incorporate any of the aforementioned. They are the ones that you know prior to incarnating.. that have agreements with you on a soul level to meet up.. to assist one another.. to love.. to struggle with.. to support.. to challenge…

They could be members of the family you were born into.. they could be friends.. lovers.. teachers.. students.. even people you dislike or have issues with.

We make agreements with our soul family.. our soul group.. on a soul agreement level to assist us in accomplishing what our Higher Selves hope for us with each incarnation. This could be one major issue to be healed or balanced or several. It could have a specific aim or goal or could just have the intention to experience certain things and situations and grow and learn. Those souls belonging to the same Oversoul all benefit when one of the souls from their soul family heals and moves closer to ascension.

Our soul family are the ones we usually feel a stronger emotional connection with.. whether that be a positive more obviously loving connection or one of discomfort and challenge.

Sometimes members of our soul family stay in our lives for a long time.. perhaps all our lives.. sometimes much less.. perhaps even for just one day.. but it will be a day that in some way it will have given you the opportunity for change.. for awareness.. for healing.

Each connection we have and make has an opportunity within it. People reflect back at us some of the energies we are carrying. If these are unpleasant feelings such as anger or fear, then the gift in this, is that we are able to heal those issues through looking into why we feel the way we do about the person or action taken or words spoken.. and do what we can to heal the underlying energies.

Be grateful… be thankful for all the ways your soul family helps you and you help them.. whether you are conscious of it or not. So much goes on behind the scenes on a soul level. The more accepting you can be of others in all your interactions and relationships.. the more loving and forgiving you can be.. the more grateful you can be.. it opens up the gateways of healing.. for you and for them. Focus on the positive in each person and in each relationship you have. Follow your inner knowing as to which relationships and connections are moving on and which are to be embraced more fully.

Families… it is up to you how to perceive them.. how much to embrace them.. how much to enjoy them.. how much to let them go.. how much to see the gift in them…


It is a time of looking more closely at what feels like home to us. What role do we play in nurturing and loving what feels like home? What do you feel is your home? The universe? Gaia? Your community? Your house? Your family? Your partner? Yourself? Your heart?

If you feel at home with yourself and what is in your heart, then you take that with you always. No matter where you go or find yourself, you will ‘be home’. By healing your energies and bringing your Being back into balance, this sense of being at home with yourself expands. As one’s awareness connects more strongly with the essence of Oneness then one truly will feel that as connected with all, whilst an individual expression of Self, one is indeed always at home, for home is within oneself and never leaves, just sometimes is forgotten or buried under layers.

Time to lift away the layers and open up and reconnect with the vibration of Oneness. Home is within us all.