Divine Light Messages

Please subscribe below to receive my Divine Light Messages. I will write whatever comes through me either channelled or my own conscious flow to do with Twin Flames or to assist you with healing of Self on the Twin Flame Path... Blessings, Amber Ariana.xxx

Twin Flames... Shine your light! Come share with us..

  • As I drop my invisible bags my step becomes lighter and suddenly I am dancing

    — Amber Ariana

  • I am a beautiful being of Light and remember this truth now!

    — Amber Ariana

  • What I see in the mirror before me is my choice

    — Amber Ariana

  • Gratitude opens up many doors… and my heart is filled with all the keys

    — Amber Ariana

  • As I heal my beloved Self I heal my beloved Twin Flame connection...

    — Amber Ariana

Divine Flow


News and Weekly Message

My latest news and a new Divine Message shared here to assist and inspire you on your twin flame path!


Aslan’s Army Of Light

Monthly Meditational Gatherings…            Join me and others around the world to assist the beloved animals as Gaia and all its inhabitants shift in vibration.


2017 – Year 1 Energies

2017 – Year 1 Cycle. Twin Flames.. use these energies wisely to assist you this year!

Transformational Services

  • Reading1

    Higher Self Readings

    Divine guidance from your Higher Self. Includes suggestions of priorities and activities, messages of encouragement and inspiration. Assists you in bringing your Being back into a healed and balanced state of well-being to enable you to reunite with your Twin Flame and be of service together.

  • coaching1

    Coaching / Support

    Purging your Self of all old negativity to do with you and your Twin Flame’s connection, this can be very intense and emotional. As you heal and bring your Being into balance, it may be hard to deal with and to acknowledge how much progress is made. I offer support and coaching along the way.

  • sunset1

    Healing Sessions

    I work with Spirit, Light, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Each session is unique. If you wish for a report too then after the session I give you written feedback of what happened or messages that Spirit wish to share with you for your Greater Good.

  • redflowers1

    Healing Tools

    Have at your disposal the knowledge and assistance of a range of healing and clearing tools to help you on your quest to bring your Being back into harmonious well-being. Buy here ‘how to’ guides and  healing tools currently available. More to be added soon.

  • flower2b

    Positive Affirmations

    Affirming to your Self and the Universe what it is you believe to be true or what it is you wish to be true – this is incredibly powerful and very simple. The energy you send out with such affirmative statements attracts energy, situations and people of the same or similar vibration back to you.

  • walkin1

    Walk-in / Soul Merge

    Are you or do you suspect you are what is known as a ‘walk-in’ or ‘soul merge’? Or have been affected by someone you love or know walking out and changing? I can offer you some support and healing to assist with the process, or help you through a sense of loss and confusion.

  • flower

    Other Services

    If you wish for a specific reading, healing or support session whilst on your healing and rebalancing path which isn’t listed above I may be able to offer assistance. I am happy to discuss this and potentially offer tailor-made agreed healing or coaching options.